Digital signage

Log in as Administrator or Admin manager Go to Manage > (configuration) > Digital signage Check the default slide display time Check the default fade time Check the default background colour. Change by clicking in the box. Click the button to add a new sign Edit the sign and save […]

Control progress on a task list with a quiz

You can hide task list items from your users by including a self-marking quiz (form) in your task list. This can be set with a passing score to control progress to the next items in the task list Create your task list with all the materials you want to include […]

Where are my old classes?

At the start of a new term or school year, if you are looking for your old classes that have been archived and users removed, you can. Perhaps you want to retreive files. Go to classes Click on ‘Advanced options’ on the right Click ‘Join Archived’ You will see all […]

My Learning Fusion Latest Releases

Click here for Release Notes for V4.2 (Helix) Click here for Release Notes for V4.1 (Helix) Click here for¬†Release Notes for V4.0 (Helix) Click the video below to see an overview of the release of Fusion Version 4.0   If you missed the last releases: Fusion v3.0 Fornax Edition Click […]