How do I manage Classes and Learning Spaces?

  • File Manager – Where files are stored and sharedThere are four distinct file areas
  • My Files – a private area to keep files that are only for you.
  • School – File areas that are visible to EVERYONE who logs in.
  • Classes – These are set by the school data and will change when students and classes move round. Use them for delivering learning files to students that are relevant NOW and to set homework
  • Learning Spaces – A learning space can be created by any teacher. Members are added and only the members of the learning space can see it. This is useful for files that are shared between classes, for any non-class groups such as sets of students or clubs and even for private file areas for teachers, governors etc. These file areas will not change unless you change them.

Explore your options for classes and learning spaces by pulling down the menu on the right rather than clicking to enter.
Alternatively To manage your groups click ‘Manage’ or go to your learning spaces or classes and there is a ‘Manage’ button at the top right



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