how do I set a grading system for a group or class?


  1. Go to ‘Classes’ but do not enter a class (this also applies to Learning Spaces)
  2. pull down the menu on a class or learning space
  3. choose ‘Modify’
  4. Under ‘Select grading template’ pull down the menu of available grading templates and select
  5. Save changes at the bottom of the page.

If a suitable grading template is not available your Admin login can create a new grading templates to match your assessment policy.

  1. Log in as Admin
  2. Go to ‘Manage’ > ‘Grading’
  3. There are some existing sample templates. Click ‘Activate template’ to activate an existing template.
  4. To create a new template, under ‘Custom Scale’, click ‘Create’
  5. Give the template a title
  6. Click ‘Add level’
  7. Fill in the details of the level.
  8. Add a keyboard symbol, letter or number
  9. choose a colour to represent the level
  10. Add a short label
  11. Add an optional extended label
  12. Add a percentage score. (this is compulsory but can be set at 0 of not appropriate)
  13. Continue to add as many levels as you need
  14. Click ‘Save and continue’
  15. Click ‘Activate template’ to activate your new template
  16. tick any groups on the right that you want to apply the new grading system to
  17. On your new Grading system click ‘Apply template to selected groups’



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