How do I set a task list?

  1. Click on ‘Tasks’ in your quick links panel
  2. Click ‘New task list’
  3. Give the task list a name
  4. Assign the task list to a group
  5. Choose if you want to set the task list to ‘all students’, ‘Everybody’ in the group including adults or ‘Specific members in’ the group
  6. Check the start date
  7. Add a ‘Due date’ if required
  8. Tick to add the due date to recipients calendars if required
  9. Click ‘Create task list’
  10. Now begin to add the tasks in turn: Click ‘Add task’
  11. Give the task a name
  12. add a description of the task
  13. Click ‘Add resource’ to attach a resource to the task
  14. Click ‘Save task’
  15. Continue adding tasks

To assign a task list to another group:

  1. Click ‘Clone task list’ Clone task list
  2. Assign to a new group
  3. Check the due dates

When your student logs in they will see all the tasks in a list.

The system registers when they visit the resource. Students can also tick to say a task is completed if no resource is associated with the task.

The student then clicks update when they are finished working with the task list at that time.

To monitor student progress:

  • Click on ‘Results’ results icon or simply click on the name of your task list
  • You can click on individual students to view details of their progress
  • Tick students to validate their completion of the task list




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