I can’t see my class

If you can’t see a class that you are involved with, this means that you have not been added to that class. To solve this you should talk to your platform Admin.

If your classes are added to My Learning using an automatic transfer of data from your MIS system, do not try to change members of a class. Your Admin should check that you are associated with that class in the MIS system.

If your data is updated manually or via a csv file you can be manually added to the class by either the Admin login or by another manager in that group.

  1. Go to the class or learning space
  2. Pull down the menu on your group
  3. Click ‘Members’
  4. On the left search for one of your names – tick to select the correct person
  5. At the bottom of the choosing box, choose the level of access you will have. Teachers/tutors and other staff are normally added to groups as ‘Manager’
  6. Your name will move to the list of members on the right
  7. You should now be able to see your group

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