How to force dashboard panels to users

Log in as Admin Go to ‘Manage’ > ‘Dashboard manager’ To create a dashboard design Under ‘Designs’ click the button on the right ‘Create new design’ Provide a name and description and click ‘Continue’ You will see your new design in the box. Click the ‘Panels’ link Click ‘Edit panels’ […]

How to change user permissions in a group

To change the user permissions in a class or learning space: Click on ‘Classes’ or ‘Learning spaces’ Pull down the options menu on your group Click to ‘edit’ >’Members’ On the list of members on the right, tick any people you want to cahnge permissions for At the bottom of […]

How to manage the notification settings in My Learning

Log in as Admin Click ‘Manage’ > ‘Notification policy’ Click on an ‘action’ (notification), user type or ‘Frequency’ to change the settings: Frequency: Default frequency of notifications being sent out Daily or weekly – set by Admin Recipients: Students, Parents, Teachers, Admin: Off = they do not receive this notification […]

How do I share files with another school using ClusterPad?

If your school has ClusterPad your Admin login will need to activate ClusterPad in the ‘Module Manager’ Click on ‘ClusterPad’ in your ‘Quick Links’ panel Under ‘Local pads’ click ‘Create pad’ Give the Pad (file area) a name and description and click ‘Continue’ Your ‘Pad’ now exists. There are 4 […]

how do I delete files?

Go to the file area Tick the files you want to delete under the files click ‘Delete’ You can also delete files using the ‘cogwheel menu’ Hover over a file you want to delete and click on the ‘cog wheel’ icon Click ‘Delete’  

How do I move files?

To move files between file areas: Go to the original file area Tick the files you want to move Beneath the files click ‘Move’ Click ‘Continue and browse to a location’ Go to the file area where you want to place your file/s Click ‘Place files here’ To move files […]