NG Use Zoom online lessons with Fusion

Click the ‘Create’ button ion the left menu Click the ‘Zoom’ icon on the right Paste the full text of the Zoom meeting invitation into the box provided and click continue Fusion extracts the details of the meeting, click continue again A virtual link file has been created in your […]

NG Using gadgets in the website builder

When you are working on a web page using the editor in Fusion, there is a range of gadgets that you can use to add content to the page: Place your cursor where you want the gadget to appear Click the Gadget button on the toolbar Bulletin horizontal (Marquee) RSS […]

NG How to copy a website and import web pages

Copying a website in Fusion is a 5-step process Create a group for the new website and set it to display as a website. In the original website, under appearance > Themes, save the theme In the new website, under appearance > Themes, apply the saved theme In the new […]

NG Add files to website to view or download

If you want to add files to a website in Fusion for users to view or download, we recommend that you use the ‘File Browser’ gadget. First, add all documents you want to add to the website into a folder, even if it is just one file. This can be […]

NG Delete a class or learning space

Only the Admin login can delete a class or learning space If your Fusion VLE is linked to your school MIS, any old classes will automatically be archived. They can be deleted from the archive after a period of time when you are sure any resources won’t be needed any […]

Changes to Fusion’s free MLTV service

In a bid to support our schools during the COVID-19 crisis, My Learning introduced MLTV to all our users as a free add-on to Fusion. The popularity of MLTV is unfortunately putting strains on this free, unlimited service which is affecting the experience for everyone. We have therefore introduced changes […]