Fix users’ dashboard panels

Log in as Admin Go to ‘Manage’ > ‘Dashboard manager’ To create a dashboard design Under ‘Designs’ click the button on the right ‘Create new design’ Provide a name and description and click ‘Continue’ You will see your new design in the box. Click the ‘Panels’ link Click ‘Edit panels’ […]

Retrieving files and data from Fusion

It is recommended that each user downloads their own files and folders to preserve privacy Homework: Open any item of homework At top right, click the ‘Download submissions as ZIP’ button to download all submissions as a zip file Files: Go to My Files, a class or a learning space. […]

Useful documents

How to perform a speed test in Fusion How to perform a speed test in Fusion   Import guide Guide to importing user/class data to Fusion   Samba Guide How to set up network shared drive access in Fusion    

The Advertiser

The advertiser is an editable space in a dashboard panel. It can be used to promote items to all users in a visual way. There are 3 separate advertisers, for teachers, students and parents. Log in as Admin or Admin Manager to edit the advertiser A button will appear on […]

Parent Broadcasts

To send a broadcast to parents: Click on ‘Broadcasts’ in Quick links Click ‘New broadcast’ Choose which parents the broadcast is for Complete the title, description and full message (full message optional) Click ‘Create newscast’ In the broadcast list, if you are happy with the broadcast, click ‘Publish’ 1087

Fusion’s MLTV service

In a bid to support our schools during the COVID-19 crisis, My Learning introduced MLTV to all our users as a free add-on to Fusion. There are four tiers of service: MLTV 35 One Room Maximum 35 concurrent users (Number of users who can use MLTV simultaneously) No recordings Hosted on […]


Announcements can be set up to interrupt the screen of all user types, both whole user types, such as all students, or, for example a group of individuals selected from multiple classes. Log in as Admin or an Admin Manager Go to ‘Announcements’ in the quick links menu Choose the […]

What’s New in Fusion?

See below for details of regular releases and updates to Fusion. Latest release at top. Major changes highlighted.   Fusion V2.0 – 15/09/2020 Administrator logins can now export ‘master login’ details for parents as a csv. Available via Manage > Parent portal -> Master login slips Archived groups will no […]

Banned word filter

Go to ‘Manage > Banned words’ Click on the left to show the list of banned words. This is simply a text list and your school can add and remove words from this list. Where users try to save or send a banned word, it is captured with details and […]

Creating video for Fusion

Capturing video to use with your students is easy for everyone. Mobile phones can capture high quality, HD video, as can webcams. Here are some hints and tips to use the video we all love in the most effective ways: Keep it short – Instructional videos should range from 2 […]