Group not showing in MLTV list

PLEASE NOTE: Only managers of the group can complete the steps below.  If you are unable to find your group within the MLTV option on your dashboard, please follow the steps below: 1. Go to the class / learning space you are not able to find in the list 2. Click […]

Creating Breakout Rooms in MLTV

To Create Break-out Rooms When creating the breakout rooms, only viewers who have successfully joined the MLTV session can be assigned to a meeting room; all those connected will appear in the users list of the interface. Teachers can create breakout rooms via the users list Cog Wheel  There are several ways the […]

Recording audio memos and files

Option 1 Click ‘Create’ > ‘Audio’ Record your sound click ‘close’ at the bottom View your file in your ‘My Files’ area This can also be added as a file in any file area Option 2 Open any file Click the ‘Audio’ icon in the grey bar at the top […]

Saving MLTV recordings

MLTV recordings are saved for a period of time. This depends on the package you have purchased. You cannot download these recordings as MP4 video files Watch the video below for full details 1127

Video quality using MLTV

To improve video quality that is caused by bandwidth issues: Before the students enter the MLTV room, click on the cog wheel above the user list Switch off the ability for students (viewers) to view each others web cams. During the session, perhaps after the introduction, switch off your own […]

Manage and use year groups

If your ‘My Learning’ is connected to your MIS system to update data – you do not need to create year groups. This will be done for you. You do, however have to check the order the year groups appear. Log in as Admin Go to ‘Manage’ > ‘Year Groups’ Check […]

Manually moving class members up a class

Log in as Admin or Admin manager Go to destination class/group from the class menu choose, ‘Manage’ > ‘Members’ Select any student members of the class that are no longer needed and remove Go to source class/group from the class menu choose, ‘Manage’ > ‘Members’ At the top right click […]

QR codes in Fusion

Option 1 Open a file. In the bar at the top is a QR code (type of bar code) button. Click to open the QR code. If students are logged into My Learning they can scan the QR code and go directly to the resource you want them to use […]