How to perform a speed test from Fusion


1. Locate the help icon in the left menu and choose ‘Raise a ticket’

2. Select the ‘My connection is slow’ option.

3. The system will then ask you to run a speed test. Press on the start to start the test.

4. Once the test is completed, you will see the results for both download upload speeds. Press continue to go to the next page

5. You will now have the opportunity to submit a ticket to the My Learning Support Team if you require/want more help with the issue. You are able to add notes about the issue (the more information you provide to My learning Support the quicker they are able to investigate your issue).¬†¬†Once you have added all the information you would like, click on the ‘submit ticket’ button.

7. Once you have submitted the ticket, click on the ‘back to VLE’ button located in the top right of your screen.

If you require a downloadable version of this help page, then click here


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