Set a self-marking quiz

  1. Go to the file area where you want to save the form
  2. Select ‘New file’ > ‘Form’
  3. Give the form a short filename
  4. Write the title that appears at the top of the quiz
  5. Decide how many attempts at the quiz you want your students to have and select from the dropdown.
  6. If you want students to see their results or the correct answers upon completion select ‘View results’
  7. Select ‘Design as a quiz’
  8. Choose if you want students to self-mark their text answers
  9. Set the timer if required
  10. Click ‘Save changes’
  11. Add questions.

To provide students with the correct answers for self-marking text answers:

  1. Go to ‘Results’
  2. Click ‘Create Benchmark Answers’
  3. Add the correct answers.

When the student views their results after submitting the form, they will see their own answers alongside the teacher answers. They will be able to apply a score or mark for that question.


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