Set and grade homework or an assignment

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To set homework or an assignment:

  1. Click on ‘Homework’
  2. Click ‘+ New homework’
  3. Select the class/learning space
  4. Choose which students to apply the homework to
  5. Carefully add all the details of the assignment. Be as specific and detailed as you can.
  6. Select a subject
  7. Carefully set the dates
  8. Choose how you would like students to submit their work
  9. Choose if you want the due date to appear in students’ personal calendars
  10. Click ‘Finish’

Now, on the next page, add any resources that will support the assignment

  • drag and drop a file from your computer
  • Click ‘Add’ to Upload a file, Create a file or add a file from the VLE
  • Add a file from your clipboard

To grade:

Click ‘Homework’ in ‘Quick links’

Your homework is all listed – the cog wheel icon on the right allows you to manage your homework

  • Archive – puts the homework in the archive list to use with another group at a later date
  • Copy– Copy the homework to another group
  • Edit – edit details of the homework
  • Delete
  • Notify – a notice to students about their homework

If you go into a homework item

  • Click on the pancil to edit details of the homework
  • Click on the download icon to download all students submissions to your computer
  • The Archive icon will archive the homework

If you scroll down to the list of students you can tick students and:

  • Send a reminder to do their homework
  • Mark their homework as complete
  • Re-open homework
  • Bulk grade – Grade a number of students at one time
  • To the right of each student there is a grading option

The icons tell you the status of the homework:

  • An eye icon lets you know that the student has seen their homework
  • A blue tick means that the student has marked the homework as complete
  • A green tick means that the teacher has marked the homework as complete

Click on the student’s name to communicate with individual students about their homework

video walkthrough: (11 minutes)



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