Use a form to create survey or questionnaire

  1. Go to the file area where you want to save the form
  2. Select ‘Add’ > ‘New file’ > ‘Form’
  3. Give the form a short filename
  4. Write the title that appears at the top of the form
  5. You can add a description, information or instructions in the description box, including pictures and embedded videos.
  6. Decide how many attempts at the quiz you want your students to have and select from the dropdown.
  7. Choose if you want the submissions to be anonymous
  8. If you want students to see their answers upon completion select ‘View results’
  9. Click ‘Continue’
  10. Click ‘Add your first question’
  11. Choose the question type
  12. Add the question text
  13. If required, give answer options
  14. Continue adding all the questions


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