Webinar Programme for Fusion

The Fusion team run regular webinars to keep our users up to date and using Fusion like a pro!

Is there a topic you would like us to cover in more detail for you? Let us know, and we will add it to the webinar programme.

Bespoke introduction to Fusion NG
Book a bespoke, personalized, online introduction to Fusion or review your school set-up and how it works for your school.
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Why are task lists so brilliant?
See just how powerful yet simple task lists can be.
Duration: 40 minutes
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Getting started with ML Fusion
New to My Learning Fusion or simply need a refresher? This session is for you
Duration: 1 hour
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Preparing for a new school year
Are you ready for the next academic year? This webinar will give you all the tips on how to prepare your VLE ready for the next academic year.
Duration: 30 minutes
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Using online live classrooms effectively
Whether you use MLTV, Zoom, Teams or any other online classroom tool, this webinar is an opportunity to consider, and share, effective practice, alongside the full range of tools in Fusion.
Duration: 35 minutes
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Using Quizzes in Fusion
Do you want to assess your students on My Learning’s Fusion platform? This webinar will show you how to use quizzes effectively.
Duration: 33 minutes
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Are you ready to grade on Fusion?
Ensure that grading templates are set up to meet the needs of everyone in your school. Explore grading on Fusion and how to collate and access grades.
Duration: 50 minutes
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