What’s New in Fusion?

See below for details of regular releases and updates to Fusion. Latest release at top.
Major changes highlighted.


Fusion V2.301/12/2020

  1. group login combinations (colour/pattern and animal) have now been expanded. There are 864 possible combinations. Although we recommend to open these for short periods only, longer durations for the time expiry have also been added to include 8 hours, 1 day, 2 days and 1 week.
  2. The maximum width of the working area has been reduced to 1280px wide.
  3. A new header font has been applied
  4. The header bar now sticks to the top on scroll to ensure that the quick links menu is always available.
  5. Virtual files, including Zoom, Teams and Google Meet files, can now be switched to hidden or visible as required

Fusion V2.213/10/2020

  1. ‘What’s new’ pop-up will now only show once per login
  2. The pop-up to add/modify images in the editor, has been tidied
  3. The bookmarks panel in group dashboards has been fixed to show correctly

Fusion V2.1.1 – 06/10/2020

  1. MLTV report now shows graph as default with daily MLTV usage levels. Previous data report in text format also available

Fusion V2.1 – 22/09/2020

  1. What’s new icon on side menu now highlighting when news is added
  2. Button theme – top right large buttons no longer disappearing off the screen

Fusion V2.0 – 15/09/2020

  1. Administrator logins can now export ‘master login’ details for parents as a csv. Available via Manage > Parent portal -> Master login slips
  2. Archived groups will no longer show in selection list of groups when setting homework
  3. On Microsoft and Google dashboard panels, the cog wheel has been restored to allow removal of panel
  4. Option to get a link or QR code to a file has been restored to the file options menu.

Fusion V1.9.1 – 08/09/2020

  1. It is possible now to choose not to display the end user license agreement and any data protection policies when users log in for the first time. Edit the login page as Administrator to control.


Fusion V1.9 – 02/09/2020

  1. Creating a new group as a website. The site will take up to 10 minutes to appear but the creator of the group can edit the website immediately. The website will automatically have a home page to get you started.
  2. The Administrator or Admin Manager can now import ICAL (ICS) internet calendar files into Fusion. The system lets you select all or part of your file, and has a duplicate checker. Guides are provided to help administrators learn many ways of exporting ICAL files from a range of products and platforms.
  3. Display of calendar events has now been improved. Screens contain less information, clearer buttons and icons.
  4. When clicking on an empty day within any calendar, Fusion will now take you to create a new event by default (if no other events exist for that day).
  5. For Teachers, staff, administrators and admin-managers – the initial screen to create an event has been improved with new labels and icons, is easier to read and navigate. Students do not see this screen.
  6. The Bookmarks dashboard panel now displays mini site-previews replacing the list of website names. This makes it easier to locate and access your website links.
  7. The “Manage” screen layout and grouping of items has been re-organised for Administrators and Admin Managers.
  8. The search tool within Fusion has now been enhanced to search all content in the following locations: My Files, Classes, Learning Spaces, School Areas, Homework, Tasks and Blogs. This system will also highlight the results and provide links to access or view the content. It has also been reformatted for use on mobile devices too. The search tool will find people, tags and any matching words throughout the system.


Fusion V1.8 – 04/08/2020

  1. Update to Dashboard panel appearance; colours and top bar highlighting. Optional choice of title emphasis from cog-wheel options menu
  2. Button theme – buttons larger
  3. Quick links dashboard panel now allows for 3 size options (normal, large and larger)
  4. Rolling out new people picker to reports – added to ‘Homework by student’ report


Fusion V1.7 – 27/07/2020

  1. Issue with changing login page background image fixed
  2. New font style applied (Questrial)
  3. Ability to generate dashboard panel tables with headers on left
  4. A number of subtle enhancements to colour, style and spacing


Fusion V1.6 – 21/07/2020

  1. Blogs now indicate new posts, comments and where a comment needs moderation
  2. Newly moderated comments will appear at the top of the comments list to ensure others are aware of them
  3. Grading icons have been visually enhanced


Fusion V1.5 – 14/07/2020

  1. Complete overhaul of functionality and presentation of forums
  2. Forum alerts indicate posts and moderation tasks from the dashboard, including button layout.
  3. Fixed some issues with website building navigation
  4. New, clearer display of grades that are clickable to view feedback
  5. It is now quicker and easier to download the APP from the “Download App” menu, allowing users to scan a QR code with clearer instructions for logging in
  6. Fusion now supports the sharing (to the entire school) of a single Google Calendar, or single Microsoft user shared calendar. If used, these replace the built-in Fusion calendar, which can still be accessed.
  7. Fusion now supports the ability to share and access Google Meet video conferencing. Available everywhere you add a new file
  8. The “Manage” page for Fusion now operates more smoothly on mobile devices, or users with limited screen space
  9. The “New file” page has been scoped to support larger icons, clearer layout and a better experience for users on mobile devices.
  10. When adding new bookmarked websites, Fusion will now check to ensure that the URL is valid, AND that the website is operational before attempting to make a screenshot of the site. This adds a further 4 second delay, but guarantees that only real websites can be added.
  11. The ability to add a new bookmark is now included in the “New file” screen
  12. The “Websites” menu link from the left menu has been removed to reduce options. It is still available from the top left Quick Links menu


Fusion V1.4 – 07/07/2020

  1. Click to re-order task lists on devices that do not support drag & drop
  2. Improved access to grading feedback in file ‘grey bar’. Now appears in a pop-up when grade is clicked
  3. Blog widgets on website homepages now show the correct blog


Fusion V1.3 – 01/07/2020

  1. Group dashboards now show home button in left menu. Buttons to edit group dashboard now on page
  2. Better navigation when you exit a form. Remembers where you came from
  3. File options now provides access to any audio memos attached to the file
  4. Forms/quizzes adapted for high contrast themes
  5. File areas adapted for high contrast themes
  6. Comment moderation defaults to ‘Yes’ in all areas. Can be changed via feature manager
  7. Better recognition of individual school time zones
  8. Simple version of editor for mobile/smartphones
  9. Message writing improved for mobile devices
  10. Complete overhaul of look and feel of message tool


Fusion V1.2 – 23/06/2020

  1. For new forms that are copied/cloned, teachers’ benchmark answers now copy over too.
  2. New forms can control progression in a task list
  3. In a task list, if the website won’t open in a frame, Fusion will attempt to open in a new tab
  4. Users are now forced to switch to new Fusion NG
  5. Look and feel of blog list improved
  6. Comments pop-up in homework student list – pagination now works for long comment lists
  7. New high-contrast themes available for users that need them
  8. Icon for group dashboard added


Fusion V1.1 – 17/06/2020

  1. Commenting feature added to Homework students list
  2. In quizzes in task lists, if a student moves from a quiz to the next item in a task list, they will be asked for confirmation that they are ready to leave the quiz
  3. Messages added to main Quick Links
  4. Broadcasts – Issues around selecting parents of individual children now fixed. Broadcasts now allows the selection of parents by student
  5. Improved mobile view for button layout
  6. Improved layout of ‘Download App’ page for mobile users
  7. MLTV rooms can now be deleted in bulk
  8. Grade now visible in top bar for students when they open a file from workbook
  9. Workbook – Grading feedback now clearly visible to students
  10. Create Audio File added to ‘New file’ options
  11. Improvements to homework speed
  12. Workbook and Homework file names now appear correctly in the ‘Grading Centre’
  13. Alert added to News button in left menu

Fusion V1.0 – NG

Release document

  1. New version of forms/quizzes
  2. Question bank added to forms/quizzes, personal bank and school bank
  3. New comprehensive maths symbol support tool for the Editor
  4. New ‘Announcements’ tool to provide controllable ‘interrupt screen’ announcements for any user or combination of users
  5. New ‘Quick links’ navigation menu at top left
  6. New floating left hand menu for quick access to tools
  7. New options menu for user top right, underneath profile picture
  8. New, cleaner layout and navigation throughout Fusion


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